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Door Color Ideas: 10 Pretty Blue Doors Featured

08 August 2014 1560722 comments Blog
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Door Color Ideas: 10 Pretty Blue Doors

I love a pretty statement door.  So a few years ago, I wrote a post about front door color ideas that’s still popular this time of year. 

Since then, I’ve been obsessed with blue doors in particular. Actually, I’m kinda coo-coo crazy about them. Last year, I painted our front door a pretty shade from Behr called Dayflower (MQ3-54). Blue is such a great statement colour for a door, and it looks great with so many different exterior textures and colors. For curb appeal, you just can’t go wrong with a blue door.

So this time around, I thought I’d round up 10 pretty blue door color ideas, including everything from airy aqua to stately navy blue – and everything in between.

(A word about pinning: If you plan to pin any of these pretty doors to Pinterest, pop of over to the source (just click each image), and pin from there.  That will send any Pinterest traffic directly to the photo owners’ blog!)

10 Pretty Blue Door Color Ideas:

1. Behr Marquee Dayflower

blue door color ideas - Behr Dayflower


2. Behr Evening Hush

blue door ideas - Behr Evening Hush


3. Behr Harbor

Behr blue door


4. Behr Club Navy

navy blue door - Behr Club Navy


5. Behr Oslo Blue

blue door color ideas - Behr Oslo Blue


6. Behr Cool Jazz

blue door color ideas - Behr Cool Jazz


7. Behr Dragonfly

blue door ideas - Behr dragonfly


8. Behr Whipped Mint

blue door color ideas - Behr Whipped Mint


9. Behr Mermaid Net

Behr paint blue door


10. Behr Viking

Behr paint blue door


So, pretty -right?

Here are the paint names / codes:

Behr Blue door paint names


Summer is winding down, but there’s still plenty of time to paint if you’ve been inspired by one of these cuties.

Personally, I’m loving on that Oslo Blue door, so there might be a door update in my future too!

Until next time,


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